Who is Joe Ferrero?

Whos is Joe Ferrero?

Joe Ferrero is an Emmy Awards nominee, and seasoned talent that has produced, directed and executed top rated morning radio shows in Miami, New York and California. He has been part of well known radio networks such as iHeartMedia, Spanish Broadcasting Systems, Univision Radio, and Heftel Broadcasting.
Throughout his career, Ferrero’ has represented various national companies through talent
endorsements such as: Comcast, Verizon, Winn-Dixie, Telemundo, Ford, Walt Disney World,
Disney Cruise Line and others.
Ferrero is well-known as a hero for the Latin community for making the best pranks calls of all
time to Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Nestor Kirshner and others.
His accomplishments have been featured in Newsweek, Ocean Drive, The New York Times,
The Miami Herald, The New Times, Radio & Records and Billboard Magazine. He has made
numerous local, national and international TV appearances on CNN, BBC, Televisa, TVE,
Univision’s Don Fransisco Presenta, Telefutura’s Escandalo TV, Telemundo’s Al Rojo Vivo and many more. He has also been interviewed and has appeared on The Rick Sanchez Show, The Howard Stern Show and National Public Radio, just to name a few.
He was named Best Spanish Radio Personality of the year for three consecutive years by
The New Times. He was awarded the Best Radio Announcer by the prestigious Air Awards.
Ferrero’s success has reflected in ratings and in sales revenues. Ferrero’s collaboration with
Sales departments within the networks have helped rank up sales of over $20 million. This in
turn made radio history as the first Hispanic-formatted radio station to become the top biller in a
major market.
At the request of the United States Congressman, Lincoln Diaz Balart, a U.S. Flag was flown
over The Capitol in his honor on October 15, 2003, for “Making radio history” and for “his
commitment to entertain and inform the South Florida community”.